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Offline (1 month)

Offline (1 month)

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This package is dedicated to individual businesses or SMEs with a turnover of up to 7'5 million/year. For higher turnovers, contact us for a dedicated Enterprise solution.

Your Sales Manager: the guide to the world of real business, offline!

In an increasingly connected world, it is essential to have a strong presence not only online but also offline. Our OFFLINE package is your key to unlocking real-world potential.

With this package, here's what we offer you:

  • Tailored Marketing Plans : An effective strategy is the basis of all success. We will work closely with you to develop an effective and targeted marketing plan.
  • Market Analysis : Knowing your audience and your competition is essential. We will provide you with detailed analysis to give you a competitive advantage.
  • People Management : Your team is your most valuable asset. We will help you manage and train your staff, ensuring they are always up to the task.
  • Reward System : Motivating the team is essential. We will implement a rewards system to ensure maximum productivity and loyalty.
  • Project Management : Every project needs effective management. We will provide you with tools and expertise to ensure each project achieves its objectives.
  • Business Analysis and Development : Your business is constantly evolving. We will analyze and develop strategies to ensure your growth.
  • Sales Techniques : Effective selling is the art and science. We will provide you with the most effective techniques to ensure success in your transactions.
  • Cost Optimization : Every euro saved is a euro earned. We will work with you to reduce costs and increase profits.
  • Time Management : Time is money. We will provide you with tools and strategies to maximize your productivity.

This package, which will accompany you for an entire year from the day of purchase, is your key to dominating the offline world. With our smart working mode, we offer tailor-made solutions for you, wherever you are.

Joining the Professione Business portfolio is a journey towards recognition and fulfillment. Every project we review is an opportunity to discover revolutionary ideas. We enthusiastically welcome into our elite family those projects that stand out for their authentic and extraordinary potential.

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