Hello and welcome to the world of Professione Business, where innovative ideas and coffee flow freely!

👔 Professional but not boring
We are a team of young professionals with a varied background but with one thing in common: an irrepressible passion for business development. We've all moved past the age of enjoying video games only to dive into something much more exciting: helping businesses grow and prosper.

🚀 Experts but always on the lookout
We have done our homework (and in the field!) and have accumulated solid experience in different sectors. However, we understand that the business world is constantly evolving, and we are ready to evolve with it. For us, each project is a new level to overcome, a new challenge to face.

😎 Innovative and a little rebellious
Who said innovation had to be complicated or boring? We believe that with the right approach, even the most complex strategies can become fun. We love breaking the mold, always respecting the rules of the game.

🤝 Results that speak for themselves
We have helped a variety of companies achieve and exceed their goals. But we never stop: for us, success is a journey, not a destination.

💬 Let the numbers and facts speak
We could keep talking about how awesome we are, but we'd rather let the results do it for us. Take a look at our profiles and case studies and decide for yourself!

Founder & Digital manager

Dario Manduca

You know those people who immediately understand what the next "big thing" in the digital world is? Well, that person is Dario. With more than a decade of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing, he knows how to grow businesses from zero to hero. Graduated in Industrial Design and with a Master in eCommerce under his belt, Dario is your point of reference for everything online. He is also a certified Swiss trainer, so he not only knows where to go but also how to explain it to you. A member of the exclusive Digital Masterminds Top500 association, Dario has more tricks up his sleeve than a magician.

LinkedIn Dario

Founder & Commercial Director

Giulia Gerardi

Think of Giulia as the conductor of the sales world. With the wand of strategy in one hand and the score of goals in the other, he knows how to make every section of the business play in perfect harmony. With a Swiss federal certificate in Sales Management and a natural ability to sell ice to Eskimos, he is the ace in the hole for any type of business. She has managed armies of sellers larger than a few small nations and made a name for herself in the world of offline retail. Try to keep an eye on her because she will change the game before you even know it. But that's not all: she is also an adult trainer, so not only does she know how to achieve success, she also knows how to take you to the stars. Does your business need a winning tune? You know who to call.

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The most powerful resource

The Talent Network

Imagine a virtual square, a crossroads of excellence where each path leads to a different talent. From code developers to business consulting managers, from data analysts to QA experts, our network is like a big bazaar of elite skills. No matter what challenge your business is facing, we can access this vibrant marketplace of skills to find exactly what you need. Collective power.

Here, the key word is flexibility. In a constantly evolving world, our talent network is our ace in the hole to offer tailor-made solutions in every area. Because in "Professione Business," we believe that the right person in the right place can make the difference. And if you think you are one of these exceptional talents who can contribute to this vision, we await you with open arms.

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