META VERIFIED: is the Paid Blue Check worth it?

Not long ago, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, introduced a new subscription service called Meta Verified . This service allows users to obtain the famous "blue check" on Instagram and Facebook, a symbol of authenticity and identity verification. But what does this subscription really offer? And above all, is it worth it for individuals, creators and companies to invest in this "certification"? In this article, we will analyze the benefits, costs and whether this service is a good investment.

What Does Meta Verified Offer?

Main Benefits

  • Authenticity and Identity Verification: The blue check ensures that the profile is authentic and not a fake account. This is especially important for creators and businesses who want to protect their brand.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Meta Verified subscribers have access to dedicated support, useful for quickly resolving any problems with their account. This includes chat support with real agents, a valuable resource for those who use Meta platforms as their main work tools.
  • Constant Security Check: Meta promises constant profile security monitoring to prevent hacking and other malicious activities. This includes proactive monitoring to protect against impersonators.
  • Exclusive Stickers and Stars: Verified users can use unique stickers in their stories and posts, and on Facebook they receive 100 free stars per month, which can be used to support other creators.
  • Greater Visibility and Reach? This IS NOT GUARANTEED by Meta to be a real benefit. However, Meta Verified subscribers can benefit from greater visibility in comments, searches and account suggestions. This concrete effect on visibility and interactions can vary and depends greatly on the quality of the content published. Try answering this question: if a "verified" profile, therefore with a blue tick, interacted with your profile (a like, a comment, views, etc.) how would you react? In many cases we have noticed a curiosity in understanding whether this profile is truly a VIP, a famous person, an athlete, a politician... this translates into greater activity and visibility in your profile.

Prices in Switzerland

One of the most controversial aspects of Meta Verified is the cost. Prices vary depending on whether the subscription is subscribed via mobile or desktop, with a difference that many consider unjustified and potentially illegal. Below is a comparative table of costs:

Platform Monthly price
Mobile CHF 1 3 .9 5
Desktop CHF 10.95

It is important to note that the price applies per single profile, so if you want verification on both social networks (Instagram and Facebook), the cost doubles. If you have multiple profiles from different brands, the price doubles further.

Are you wondering where you can subscribe to it? Simple, click here

Is it worth it for Individuals, Creators and Companies?


For individuals, the blue check may be seen as a status symbol, but the practical benefits may not justify the monthly cost. However, for those who want to increase their visibility and credibility, especially in areas such as personal branding, it could represent a valid investment.


Creators can benefit greatly from Meta Verified. The blue check can increase public and brand trust by facilitating collaborations and sponsorships. However, visibility and interaction results may vary.


For companies, the blue check is not only a question of prestige, but also of brand protection. Being verified can increase customer trust and improve engagement. Additionally, businesses can benefit from dedicated support and enhanced security measures. While the cost may seem high, the investment may be justified by the potential increase in visibility and credibility.

Opinions and Experiences

The perception of the blue check varies among users. Some believe that it can generate real advantages, such as greater curiosity and visits to the verified profile. From experiences with my clients, it emerges that one of the main benefits is precisely the greater attention and recognition of authenticity that the blue check confers.

However, it is important to consider that the blue tick alone does not guarantee success. It must be part of a broader marketing strategy, which includes quality content and constant interaction with the audience.

Meta Verified, is it worth it?

Conclusion, no ifs or buts!

The Meta Verified blue check offers several advantages, especially in terms of authenticity and security. However, the cost of the subscription, questions about performance and the price difference between mobile and desktop raise some questions. For individuals, creators and businesses, it's worth considering whether the benefits justify the investment. Companies can simply consider it as a marketing investment and discharge it from taxation, for example.

My final question is: in your opinion, even if relatively small for a company, is it worth the investment?

Share your opinions and experiences in the comments! And if you want to learn more, watch the attached video where I further analyze this topic. I decided to do a test which I will reveal only in the video.

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