The Journey of "Business Profession": A Story of Dreams, Challenges and Achievements

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From the 90s to Excellence in Business

In the 1990s, a decade of profound cultural and technological transformations, two children named Dario and Giulia were growing up in Aprilia, a small city in the province of Latina. Both have absorbed the influences of that era: from the rise of the first computers, mobile phones for the masses, through the new millennium, to the explosion of the Internet revolution.

The Dawn of a Dream: Handmade e-Commerce

Like many young people, Dario and Giulia also dreamed of something big. The university years and the first professional experiences ignited an entrepreneurial spark in both of them: an e-commerce dedicated to Italian handmade fashion. But it wasn't just about selling products; it was a celebration of Italian beauty, craftsmanship and innovation.

Challenges and Transformations in Lombardy

2015 represented a turning point. The call from Lombardy was an opportunity not to be missed: relaunching an Italian multinational. It was a challenge of epic proportions, but it was also an opportunity to grow. While Dario honed his skills with a Master's in eCommerce and Web management, Giulia shone, achieving results and recognition in the world of retail.

The Charm of Ticino: New Adventures and Challenges

2019 brought another significant change. Ticino, with its mix of Italian culture and Swiss precision, attracted them like a magnet. But Ticino also brought new professional challenges. Responding to the call of international companies, Dario and Giulia seized the opportunity to grow further in these prestigious realities. Dario, with his talent for the digital and online world, and Giulia, with her mastery in the offline world of retail and traditional sales, have shone, making their mark in various sectors.

The Professional Business Trip to Ticino

The Roots of "Business Profession"

The creation of "Professione Business" was the result of a journey that continues today. It was the culmination of years of dreams, successes, failures, lessons learned and, above all, an unstoppable passion. Every experience, every geographical move has contributed to shaping the vision and essence of the agency.

The Dawn of "Business Profession"

And now, with the stunning landscape of Ticino as a backdrop and a rich history behind it, "Professione Business" is ready to write its chapter in the history of business. With Dario as captain of this ship and Giulia as his indispensable traveling companion, the future promises to be bright and full of promise with a very clear concept:

Perfection is a journey, not a destination

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